Can cleaning air ducts make allergies worse?

However, they agreed that cleaning air ducts is a healthy habit. This is because when you clean the air duct, you will find a lot of garbage there that can worsen the condition of an allergic person. And when you clean them, you ensure that there's fresh, healthy air inside your home. One thing you should also consider is the severity of the symptoms. If you only have mild allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose or itchy eyes, cleaning your air ducts is unlikely to make a big difference.

However, if you have severe allergy symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or swelling, cleaning your air ducts can help improve symptoms. Your home should be a comfortable oasis. However, dusty houses cause allergies in most people, since dust causes the onset of annoying symptoms on the body. Household dust, in particular, contains several substances, which vary from one home to another depending on factors such as construction materials, the type of furniture, the level of humidity and the presence of pets, among others. The dust can be so fine that it becomes part of the air you inhale in your home.

Paradoxically, allergy symptoms usually worsen immediately or after a short period of time after dusting, sweeping or vacuuming. Usually, air ducts accumulate and distribute allergens all over the house. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America defines an allergic reaction as the release of antibodies by the immune system to combat anything it determines to be a threat. An allergy attack may include a rash, itchy eyes, runny nose, or sneezing.

Before an air conditioning system can introduce hot or cold air throughout the house, it draws out unfiltered air that may contain contaminants. If you blow on a dirty shelf, that dust is scattered in the air and covers your throat and nasal passages as it disperses. Keeping the house clean is very important, but these allergens build up in ducts over time. Regular cleaning of vents and ducts reduces allergens in the home, which are known to cause asthma attacks, sinusitis, and other respiratory problems.

Basically, air ducts circulate air throughout the house. Therefore, allergens that enter your home also enter your air ducts. When the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is in operation, these allergens are released back into the air for you to breathe in. The air ducts in your home are designed to circulate air throughout the house and are used to both heat and cool your home.

Therefore, cleaning the air ducts removes any possible allergens from the ducts. When your HVAC expels air through dust-coated ducts, you end up accumulating dust in the air and dust mites in your home. In addition, pet dander, bacteria, viruses and mold spores. Therefore, it stands to reason that cleaning dust, allergens and other contaminants from ducts could improve air quality and reduce allergy symptoms.

When considering allergies and duct cleaning, remember that all indoor air circulates through the air conditioning system and ductwork. If you don't have any mold problems in your ducts and they aren't infested, your home's air will probably be fine if they aren't cleaned the ducts. Rugs, upholstery, and curtains can contain higher levels of dust particles, and simply walking around the room can accumulate more dust than the small amount that comes out of air ducts. In certain situations, duct cleaning reduces harmful contaminants in the air you breathe, but, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it may not make an appreciable difference in homes that don't have an identifiable problem with the duct system.

If your goal is to keep your indoor air as fresh and healthy as possible, you can consider hiring a company to clean the air ducts in your home, the long channels that carry hot or cold air throughout the house. If your doctor believes that dust mites are the cause of your allergies, he or she may recommend that you clean your air ducts. Duct cleaning ensures that air ducts are clean, making your home a dust-free, clean, and allergen-free environment, helping to reduce allergies. This is because the allergens come from outside the house and are not present in the air ducts. The duct system is like the lungs of a house, drawing in air and expelling it as the air conditioning system heats or cools the house.

Only qualified air conditioning system inspection and cleaning technicians can safely clean ducts and expel air to the outside of the house.

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