What happens if you don't clean your ducts?

Over time, without proper cleaning and maintenance of air ducts, moisture will generate mold and mildew over time. Once the HVAC is turned on, mold spores spread throughout the house or office. Dirty air ducts can cause more than just dusty ventilation. If not cleaned, they can pose a potential health risk to your home and occupants.

It's important to remove dirt and debris because they will circulate throughout the house, exposing everyone to harmful toxins. Allowing dust to accumulate inside the vents also reduces airflow and makes it difficult for oven filters to do their job properly. This means that you pay for energy without getting adequate benefits in return. There are several reasons why it's essential to clean dirty air ducts, and one of them is an additional expense on energy bills over time. Dirty air ducts are less efficient, as build-up blocks airflow and costs you money, as your HVAC works harder to get the same results.

Ducts that are not cleaned regularly can also cause rooms to cool and heat unevenly. Do you want your living room to cool down properly during a scorching day in Las Vegas, or do you want your room to warm up to protect you from the nighttime desert cold? Scheduling regular duct cleaning is the first step. In addition to affecting health, dirty air ducts can also cause problems with the heating and cooling unit. It's not unusual for the unit to operate more frequently and for longer periods due to the additional strain associated with air moving through those dirty ducts. The increased amount of use will cause more moving parts to wear out faster.

As a result, you'll have to request repairs more often. Amateur duct cleaning can release more dust and other contaminants into your home or even damage your air conditioning system, forcing you to pay for repairs. So what happens if you omit adding “schedule duct cleaning” to your to-do list? Does duct cleaning really matter?.

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