Is it possible to clean your own air ducts?

Yes, you can clean your own ducts. At On Time Home Services, we recommend scheduling regular air duct cleaning services by a professional HVAC technician to keep your system in the best possible condition, but between professional maintenance visits you can clean them yourself. Then, adjust the thermostat however you want and enjoy the clean air in your home thanks to the duct cleaning you do yourself. If you regularly perform routine maintenance of the air conditioning system, install the appropriate filtration and purification system, and the ducts are properly sealed and show no signs of sagging or tearing, you probably don't need to clean the air ducts yourself same.

But first, let me share why cleaning your air ducts at home can be safer for both your home and your budget compared to hiring professionals. If you are one of them, or you are concerned about the cost of cleaning the air ducts (in fact, the prices are very reasonable), follow the steps and recommendations indicated below carefully and consistently. Soon after moving, we had new allergy, asthma and skin problems, and upon inspecting the mold, we discovered that the ducts had leaked during cleaning. These quick emails are the “secret ingredient” to making your house go from being tidy to being really clean, or to rediscovering your motivation to clean if you've lost your job.

Katie was a member of The Spruce's Cleaning Editorial Review Board and is the author of several books on cleaning. As you'll see in the instructions below, you need to locate the supply duct to start cleaning the air ducts yourself. In older homes, metal ducts may be wrapped in asbestos, but these ducts should not be cleaned because that could cause asbestos to move through the air and enter the house.

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