Does air duct cleaning improve airflow?

Cleaning air ducts can improve air circulation and quality. Dust, pet hair, dander, and even mold can inadvertently circulate throughout the house if the ducts are extremely dirty. Cleaning the air ducts aims to eliminate build-up and open them for optimal airflow. There is currently no evidence that regular air duct cleaning improves efficiency or contributes to health benefits.

In some cases, the process can cause even more particles to enter the house as waste is released. With growing concerns about indoor air quality, it's easy to convince homeowners that their ducts need cleaning. Ongaro and Sons does its best to ensure that all heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts are in order, which benefits your health and your pocket. Below you'll find information to help you decide if cleaning your home's HVAC ducts could benefit you or not. So, if you want your air conditioning system to continue to operate cost-effectively, it should be a good idea to periodically clean the air ducts to suck up dust?Right? If you have determined that there is a rodent infestation in the air ducts, you will not only need to call an exterminator, but also a professional service to clean the air ducts.

Having trusted duct cleaning professionals clean ducts can improve air quality in your home by helping to reduce allergens, dust accumulation, pet dander, etc. If you fall into the category of essential air duct cleaning service, read some tips from Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford on how to avoid duct cleaning scams. For most homeowners, air ducts don't need to be cleaned, unless there are signs of rodents or mold or the vents are clogged due to the presence of waste. Any significant obstruction created in the air ducts that hinder airflow is likely to mean higher energy costs over time.

Although ducts are usually round, they can be given all kinds of shapes depending on the route the ducts have to follow through the house to properly disperse and return the air conditioning. Dirty air ducts force the heating and cooling system to work harder, so they use more energy to operate less efficiently. The EPA takes a similar stance on the issue and recommends cleaning them only if the ducts and the HVAC unit are contaminated. In general, it is recommended that you undergo an annual maintenance check on the air conditioning system, but it is only suggested that air ducts be cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

Dirty ducts can affect the entire air conditioning system, but if you pay attention to the vents and filters, you'll notice signs that your ducts need good cleaning. Keep in mind that the easier it is for air to flow through air ducts, the easier it will be for the system to carry that air to your living spaces.

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